How to Measure and Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs: A Comprehensive Guide

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Garage door torsion springs are a critical component of your garage door system, providing the necessary tension to lift and lower the heavy door. Over time, these springs can wear out or break, leading to a malfunctioning garage door. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process on how to measure and replace garage door torsion springs to ensure your door operates smoothly. This article is brought to you by Mountain View Doors, your trusted partner for all garage door needs. 

garage door torsion springs

How Do I Know What Garage Door Torsion Spring I Need? 

Choosing the correct garage door torsion springs involves accurate measurements and understanding the specifications of your current springs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you determine the right torsion spring for your garage door

Step 1: Measure the Inner Diameter 

The inner diameter (ID) of the torsion spring is crucial for ensuring compatibility with your garage door. Measure the inner diameter or look for markings on the spring indicating the ID. 

Step 2: Determine the Spring Wind 

Garage door torsion springs are either right-hand wound or left-hand wound. Right-hand wound springs coil clockwise, while left-hand wound springs coil counterclockwise. To determine the wind of your spring, look at the winding cone or observe the installation position relative to the anchor bracket. 

Step 3: Measure the Wire Size 

To find the wire size, count 20 coils of the spring and measure their length. Use a torsion spring wire size chart to translate this measurement into the wire size. 

Step 4: Measure the Spring Length 

Measure the overall length of the unwound spring, including any broken torsion spring pieces. Add these lengths together and round up to the nearest whole number. 

Garage Door Torsion Spring Chart 

Inner Diameter (inches) Wire Size (inches) Spring Length (inches) 
1.75 0.225 24 
2.0 0.250 30 
2.25 0.262 32 

What is the Purpose of a Torsion Spring on a Garage Door? 

Garage door torsion springs store mechanical energy to assist in lifting and lowering the garage door. They counterbalance the weight of the garage door, making it easier to open manually or with a garage door opener. The torsion springs wind up and unwind as the door opens and closes, respectively, ensuring smooth and controlled movement. 

What Do the Colors Mean on Garage Door Torsion Springs? 

The color coding on garage door torsion springs indicates the wire size, making it easier to identify the right spring during replacement. Each color represents a specific wire size, helping technicians and homeowners select the correct spring for their garage door. 

Color Code Chart 

Color Wire Size (inches) 
Red 0.225 
Green 0.250 
Yellow 0.262 

Do Garage Doors Have 1 or 2 Torsion Springs? 

Garage doors can have either one spring or two torsion springs, depending on the door’s size and weight. Single-spring systems are typically found on smaller, lighter doors, while larger, heavier doors often require two springs for balanced operation and increased lifespan. 

Types of Garage Door Springs 

There are several types of garage door springs, each serving a specific purpose: 

  • Torsion Springs: Mounted above the garage door, these springs provide balance by winding and unwinding. 
  • Extension Springs: Located on either side of the door, these springs extend and contract to assist in opening and closing. 
  • TorqueMaster Springs: Encased in a tube, these springs offer a cleaner appearance and added safety features. 

How to Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs 

Replacing garage door torsion springs can be dangerous if not done correctly. Follow these steps to ensure a safe and successful replacement: 

Tools and Parts Required: 

  • Vice grips 
  • Two 3/8″ wrenches 
  • Two 9/16″ wrenches 
  • Torsion spring winding bars 
  • Replacement springs 
  • Tape measure 
  • Step ladder 

Step-by-Step Replacement Guide 

Step 1: Release Tension on the Old Springs 

Using a winding bar, turn the spring in the opposite direction of the winding cone until the tension is fully released. 

Step 2: Remove the Old Springs 

Loosen the bolts attaching the springs to the anchor bracket with two 9/16″ wrenches. Slide the springs to each side of the shaft and remove them. 

Step 3: Remove Torsion Spring Drums and Unhook Cables 

Loosen the set bolts on the torsion spring cable drums and unhook the cables. Slide the drums off the torsion bar and remove the old springs. 

Step 4: Install the New Torsion Springs 

Slide the new springs onto the shaft, ensuring they are on the correct sides (right-wound on the left, left-wound on the right). 

Step 5: Reset Drums and Cables 

Reattach the torsion spring drums and hook the cables back into place. Ensure the cables are taut and even. 

Step 6: Attach New Springs to Anchor Bracket 

Secure the new springs to the anchor bracket using the mounting bolts and tighten them with two 9/16″ wrenches. 

Step 7: Wind the New Springs 

Wind the new springs by turning the shaft in the winding direction. Use the winding bars to achieve the correct number of 1/4 turns for your door height. 

Step 8: Secure the Set Screws 

Once the springs are wound, tighten the set screws to hold the springs in place securely. 

Step 9: Test the Garage Door 

Open and close your garage door several times to ensure it operates smoothly and the springs are correctly installed. 

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By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to measure, purchase, and replace garage door springs or torsion springs with confidence. If you need assistance, Mountain View Doors is here to provide professional support and ensure your garage door functions flawlessly. 

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